Saturday, January 15, 2011

ABS January !

Time for a new ABS challenge !!!
This month's inspiration painting is Brown River by Wayne Thiebaud.

I love it !!!  What  wonderful color and light !!!
I'll admit I like a bit of snow and frost during the holidays.
I suppose because it brings to mind my childhood Christmases . But, right now I am ready for SPRING !!!  This  painting  just spoke to me of Springtime . I could almost feel the warm sunshine and see bright flowers starting to bloom .Even the title "Brown River " brought to mind the muddy little rivulets the Spring rains create in my garden!

I'll take a moment here to admit I am a confessed bead hoarder .
I buy beads... because I like them....because I want them ...but, rarely because I really need them !!!
I don't usually sell my jewelry  creations  .Most of my designs I keep for myself or gift to friends and family.
True to my bead hoarding nature,on New Years Eve I purchased several strands of  the most lovey,sparkly Czech crystal beads.
The only thing I had in mind for the beads was to hold them,admire how they caught the light and finally store them away for some unknown future project.

Imagine my surprise when ABS  posted the inspiration painting ! My new beads were all the colors of the rows of foliage in the foreground  ! They looked to me just like those  little rows !   And they captured  Thiebaud's illusion of light perfectly !!!
I actually had bought something I could use right away!!!!!!!!
I was so  happy I  didn't want to add too much to detract from my new beads. I made some bright flowers and a very sunny heart. The shapes seemed to mimic the curves in the painting .Then all that seemed to be needed was a foliage inspired toggle and a wonderful antique brass bead in the same curve of the river .

It's freezing cold and snowy at my house this week.
Spring seems to be such a long way off.......
But, I  now  I have a nice dose of light and color to see me through these dreary days.
Thank you  Art Bead Scene!!!
Are you ready for some bright color this week?
Stay warm ...and
Bead Happy ,

"Brown River"  collage


  1. You did a wonderful job capturing both the colors and the textures in the painting on your necklace. It's a beautiful necklace, another one of your fine expressions of art about art!

    But I would have never suspected you as a bead hoarder! I guess we all are to a certain extent--but *sputters* but but....Don't you use them in your PC beads???

  2. Yes ,I do often embellish my PC beads with beads. But,I only use about .000001 % of my stash for that purpose !
    I only admit to my beadie friends that I am a bead hoarder. To the rest of the world, I prefer to describe myself as a bead "collector" !!!
    LOL!!! m.e. :D

  3. Very nice- I love the yellow heart. Who says hearts need to be red or pink anyway. I just made a bunch of blue ones and cruising the Blogasphere today found at last the ABS Challenge Inspiration. I have some scrappy Mokume Gane Hearts I am going to use in my entry. Love the your bright colors too!

  4. looking forward to seeing your entry !!!
    m.e . :)

  5. I just love hearing the inspiration behind the designs! I am in the depths of winter...where it seems eternal. I know of what you speak. And this is just such a sunny happy painting. I love your design. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us. Enjoy the day!

  6. what a sweet little necklace!! delicious colors and textures. those little flowers are so lovely!

  7. I love the necklace! Is it for sale in your etsy shop?