Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time for Soup !

mixing the soup !
I think soup is the ultimate comfort food !
Add individual ingredients in just the right proportions.
Simmer together to make a delicious combination .
Soup can warm us body and soul . It just makes us feel good!!!

But, this week I've been working on a different type of soup ...
a sort of  Dis-comfort food !!!          Why ???
Because , I  joined Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party!!!
The idea is each person will send their partner a mix of beadie ingredients much different from the types of things they most often use. We will all soon  be receiving a surprise package that does NOT contain the colors,materials or styles we feel comfortable with! We aren't supposed to include anything our partner is truly "allergic" too maybe florescent orange or something of  that sort...something that  they just despise !!!
Also, no fair sending anything truly bead veges from the back of the fridge!!!
We WILL be sending  components we think are out of our partners comfort zone. 
We will be creating with a mix to make a Dis-comfort zone Design!!!
We'll be stretching our creativity .We'll be learning by working with new ingredients and inspirations.
Best of all we'll be having FUN!!!

My partner is Sandi Volpe . Be sure to visit  her shop ! She makes lovely jewelry .Her soldered  pendants are just wonderful !!!
Sandi works most often with silver metal ,lampwork and pearls.
I will NOT be sending her any of those!!! LOL !!!

This week I have been experimenting  with Vintaj  brand components .I've been creating some beads that blend with antique brass color metals.
Maybe something like that will be in the soup mix I send Sandi..............maybe not !!!
It's a secret !!!
You'll have  to keep checking back to see what  soups we invent !!!
This week try adding a few different ingredients to your own soup mixes!
Bead  Happy , 
Flowers with antique bronze highlights


  1. I love the new flowers you are creating! When I start getting paid again, expect me at your store!:D

    Isn't this exciting? I just love the Bead Soup Parties that are hosted by Lori! I'm eager to see what you create since your designs are always unique, creative, and beautiful!~