Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Goes Together ?

Both Sides of  Sandi's  Focal Pendant
Somethings just naturally seem to go together,like chocolate and peanut butter !
Other  things just  don't seem to be  likely combination's .
Chocolate and hot pepper for example.It may not sound very delicious.But ,in reality it tastes quite good...if you are a hot pepper fan that is!

Bead  combinations are like foods .Some  beads just naturally seem to mix and match,while others seem unlikely to work well together. But,the world of beads can hold some  BIG Surprises !!!

I received my Bead Soup Mix yesterday !!!!   I was sooooooo  excited to see that my focal bead was one of Sandi Volpe 's delightful soldered pendants! I can admit it now..I have been admiring them and was secretly hoping that one  would be in my mix!  What else did I get? A lovely sterling silver clasp, a beautiful strand of freshwater pearls,glistening little iolite chips and amazing "Bead for Life "paper beads from Uganda.!!!
Sandi wraped everything in a nice gift box tied with a wonderful ribbon. You just might see that ribbon show up in my design!!!
I really  like it!!!
But ,the "Bead for Life" beads gave me pause. The focal pendant is reversable .One side is a gorgeous iris water color print and the other a lovely muted landscape.
In a million years I would never have gone searching for bright African paper beads to go with this pendant!!!
I would never have imagined they could possibly work together . But, THEY DO!!! The swirls of color blends on the beads look Fabulous with both of the delicate water colors !!! Amazing !!!

The Bead Soup Party  is about thinking outside the box.
Sandi was already going beyond the obvious when she picked my soup mix!
What Awesome beads  I have to work with !!!
Thank You Sandi !!!

Now I just have to come up with a design  that will showcase this intriguing and unexpected combination !!!
Guess I'll  treat myself to a piece of Chili Chocolate and ponder design possibilities..........
this week  try out some unlikely combination's
Bead  Happy ,

My  Wonderful Bead Soup Mix!!!


  1. Hi Mary Ellen,

    I am glad you like it, awesome picture!!! I can not wait to see the finished piece:-)


  2. I love that mix. So creative and gently beautiful. Counting down the days til the big reveal!

  3. m.e. looks like a great combination. Can't wait to see how you put them together.

  4. Those all look wonderful! Such creativity there!

  5. You are going to have a blast! I can't wait to see what you create out of such a lovely package! Very feminine, which ever route you go--it will be very feminine!

  6. Finally I had a visit from my muse !!!
    I have a design idea forming right now !!!
    Stop back to see if it all comes together as
    as planned....
    Big Reveal is not til the Feb 26 .
    But ,I might show you some clues ...LOL!!!
    I'm off to hop around the other Soup blogs!!!
    :D m.e.