Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stayin' Warm in Winter !!!

Winter Moon Rise
This week more snow and ice  at my house!!!! 
I've been making  beads to mix /match antiqued  gold and  brass metal shades .I love the look of these  popular metals.
Up until now I've been  matching the brass colors.
But,I just ordered some  findings to coordinate with gun metal  and  Vintaj "Arte Metal "  shades.
That should keep me busy til Spring!!!
The groundhog predicted Spring will be early . I hope he's right !!! I'm getting very weary of ice and snow!

It's sooooooo cold and gloomy outside .
My hands are freezing. But , my heart is warm !!!  Why ???
Because I've  been working on a Secret project!!!
I've discussed several times the Wonderful friendships our beads bring us. We make amazing beadie connections with people all over the world  just sitting at our computer !!! 
One of my  most treasured bead connected  friendships is with Lynda Moseley .
She is THE MOST talented polymer clay artist and jewelry designer!!!
Lynda is The Queen of polymer clay transfer beads!
Her work is GORGEOUS!!!
Her latest creations include AMAZING  Vintaj wrapped beads !!!
Rarely am I at a loss for words! But ,her work defies adequate description .Check out her Flickr pics to see for yourself

Why am I feeling so Warm  and Happy  in my heart ?
Because Lynda is using some of my flower beads in her next project!!!!! I am so Honored !!!!
She is having AMAZING monthly giveaways on her blog.
Next month the prize will  be one of Lynda's Fabulous necklaces  !!!

Yes , you heard me right  !!! You could win one of her necklaces !!!!

My  flower beads will be a part of the design ! I made  the  flowers especially to match the Beautiful Pendant she created for this  months drawing !!! I don't want to give away the surprise ...keep watching  her blog
you will NOT want to miss a chance to win !!!
This week warm your heart ...
Take time to visit  with your beadie friends
Bead Happy

Vintaj inspired flowers
PS . I'm waiting  for a mystery component I ordered for my Bead Soup Project ...can you guess what it could be?  something metal.......


  1. I've always like SCDiva's designs! I always felt they were stunning and unmatched.'s been a while since I've looked at her gorgeous work and it's totally awesome! She's reached for the sky and passed the clouds! I'm happy she will be using some of YOUR flower beads! :D

  2. Oh, my, Mary Ellen, you are such a good friend! I'm honored by the feature, girl, and speechless! I love your work, too and I am thrilled you will be a part of March's giveaway! I can't wait to get started on the design! YOU ARE THE BEST!

    Thank you, too, Cathryn, for the lovely compliment!


  3. I know SC Diva's work and admire her creativity and talent. Truly one-of-a-kind work. How great she is using your beads; sure to make the design even more gorgeous.