Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Thaw

The Promise of  Spring
Sometimes I wish I was a  big old  bear !
I love the idea of spending the warm months of the year eating as much as possible,happily growing fat all summer.Then when the weather turns cold ,being free to just curl up in a cozy spot for a nice long nap. I am very inclined to hibernate !

I do work on my beads and my bead  shop all winter long .
I do spend time thinking of new things I want to try.
When the days are cold and gray my dreams do take shape. However, they don't always seem to develop as they should.
Many of my  ideas seem to remain on a sort of a "winter wish list ".

This week the days have finally started  to warm up !!!
Daytime temperatures have been in  the 40's even up in the 60's!!!
At last the ice and snow is  melting ! Stepping outside to photograph the beautiful sunrise pictured above,
I could just feel  the Promise of Spring in the air !

Suddenly  I feel more productive. New color combination's and design inspirations are are filling my head .
Ideas and ambitions are staring to unfurl !
I am even more determined  to  enter every ABS challenge this year !
My Bead Soup project is almost complete . I love this idea ! I'm  already looking  forward to the next one!
I've discovered  a new place to make purchases, Lima Beads.
I'm  having so much fun with their Big Green Bead Machine !!!  Some great deals there and sometimes free beads!!!
I plan to post some of my designs in their Design Gallery very soon!
This spring I'll be hunting for more show and tell  type venues.
I really enjoy sharing  bead inspiration!

I am so thrilled to be working with my friend Linda Moseley  on her TERRIFIC blog give away for next month !!!   Don't forget to check  her site frequently for a chance to win one of her GORGEOUS  creations !

I am finally waking up from the long cold Winter .
Time for my  Spring thaw !!!
I'm hungry for new ideas and growling about finding more time for beads !!!
I have an un-bear-able urge to bead!!!
This week thaw out some of your winter wishes
Let your design ideas Spring forth
Bead Happy,
Sweet  Peach Flowers

            I'm  Sowing Sewing the Seeds of my  Bead Soup inspiration! 
                                    Big Reveal is next Saturday 2/26 !!!!

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  1. Hurray for the spring thaw! Isn't it wonderful to feel the creative juices flowing again? Can't wait to see your blog party design!