Saturday, March 5, 2011 Salad!

All week I've been enjoying the Delicious variety of Bead Soups being served on Lori Anderson's Bead Soup blog hop !!!!
YUM !!!  Wonderful  Gourmet Creations !!!
Now I 'm ready for the next course...and what goes with soup ?
Salad !!!! Salad tastes good and it's a good source of vitamins, minerals and Bead  Inspiration !!!
Don't believe me? Just take a look at the produce section next time you go grocery shopping .
See those exquisite blends of greens !Those pre- bagged salad mixes are feast for the jewelry designers  pallet!
If you like bright, check out the pepper section !!!
Prefer neutrals ? Look at all those soft  and serene mushroom shades !
And while you're picking up color inspiration,don't forget to check out the wonderful variety of  shapes, textures  and finishes.
Shiny smooth eggplants ,velvety  surfaced turnips ,wonderful wavy cabbage leaves...the list goes on and on !!!
 We all know we should try to eat more veges. Doctors say the more varieties we choose the better for us. And the more you buy, the more bead inspiration you'll have on hand !!!
I  hesitate to say this ...but, maybe Mom was wrong...maybe
it IS good to play with your food !!!
I've been playing with purple cabbage all week and I'm glad I did !!!
Maybe your Muse could  use some fresh vegetables on her designing  dish!  
this week fix yourself a Big  Salad
enjoy a healthy  helping of Inspiration
Bead Happy ,