Saturday, March 19, 2011

Island Inspiration

Tahiti  Breeze
it's  time for my March ABS entry
When I saw this month's inspiration painting
"Sacred Spring,Sweet Dreams " by Paul Gauguin
I thought I knew exactly what I'd make !
Lots of Big,Bright flowers...of course !!!
The vibrant colors of that painting are irresistible !
Perfect for some large Hibiscus shaped  floral beads!
What else to add ???

I had some luscious  sari silk ribbon in just the right shades of mango and papaya .
I remembered some great carved wooden beads hidden in my stash .They had a warm, natural tropical look.
Shannon Levart   
had the PERFECT copper chain with a  patina of  lovely greens !!!

I started by making some tropical leaves to coordinate with that Beautiful length of chain.
I've never been to Tahiti. But,I frequently visit the Florida Keys.
While creating my leaves I dreamed of  the lush green foliage , warm  golden sunshine , soft cool breezes, graceful swaying  palms.........prehaps a cool drink ......
enough daydreaming !
I laid out my components to decide how many flowers I would need....
but ..........
The leaves and sari silk seemed to flutter in the breeze .
The  design was by captured  by trade winds in my imagine.
My necklace was already finished !!!!!
Forget the flowers!
Who is  in charge here ???
Do I create my  designs  or do they create themselves!
Sometimes I wonder !!!
this week take a break from plans,sketches ,diagrams
be free to let a design grow in whatever direction it pleases
Bead Happy  ,


Nave  Nave Moe


  1. I love it! Gauguin himself would probably have had to own it! Beautiful work.

  2. I can feel the warm breezes... love it!

  3. Isn't it funny when the muse tells us one thing then goes in a different direction? Happens way to often in my case! Beautiful necklace - that sari silk is delish, and your leaves to die for!