Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dessert Design

What's a dessert design ???
No,I'm not referring to those adorable little cake and pie replicas.
I 'm talking about designs we make just for fun!
We all have our meat and potato designs,
the old standbys that everyone wants and needs.
The ones that are good for us...and for our shop profits !!!
Certainly nothing wrong with creating those great  design entrees. 
But,sometimes you just want dessert !!! Something  fun and fanciful.A creation whipped up light and lovely,sinfully rich or oh so sweet!
A dessert design is something to make when  you want to treat yourself !!! It's a bit of high calorie creativity !

If  you  follow the Bead Table Wednesday  group on flickr , you already know  that this week I  was inspired  by marshmallow Peeps!
Really !!! I bought some Peeps  and set about creating flowers in Spring candy  colors!!!  Peep Pink might not be a hot color for the fashion world .But,it makes me feel HAPPY !!!
I had soooo much fun !!!
this week splurge a little...forget calories !
treat yourself to a Dessert Design Creation
 Bead Happy !!!


  1. And now even the fashion world is getting in on the act. Pantone named Honeysuckle pink the color of the year! I love it :)

    Your color work is gorgeous, btw. What brand of polymer do you favor?

  2. can I say this out loud ?
    I mix match all the major brands EXCEPT
    Sculpey's just not strong enough for beadies !
    m.e. :)

  3. They look good enough to eat! Love your beads and love the calories, too!

  4. Great Spring colors!! I am surprised you didn't eat the poly flowers too- they just look so delicious!