Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eggstra Special Week !

The Birth Experience !
I'm late !!! I usually post on Saturdays .
But, I was busy yesterday meeting my new Grandson!!!
Grandchild #3 arrived Friday night !
He is sooooooooo  precious ! I'm very  happy he is here at last !
I was busy all week conferring with my this really labor starting?  yes...maybe ...not yet ... etc.. etc.
If  you are a Mom you know how it goes !!

The photo above  is of a favorite older piece of mine .
My inspiration birth !!! Little hen ...BIG egg  !!! LOL!!!
I had intended to make some Butterfly Fairies this week.
However, my Fairies got  put on hold .
Instead, I decided I  needed  to  make egg shaped beads .
I made  myself an egg bead bracelet , an egg necklace and a set of eggs  to sell !!! The egg is  such  a perfect yet simple shape .
It's lovely for Spring  designs and new Grammy jewelry !
Besides, my muse was saying make eggs, and I never argue with the muse!

There are many weeks I have the intention to make one thing and the muse points me in a different direction . I always follow.
I believe the beauty of handmade pieces comes from the heart of the maker .If your heart is not in a project  it seems to show .
But, if you are truly inspired to create something that shows as well !
No matter what you might have planned to create this week ...
try following your heart
Bead Happy ,

m.e.  / Grammy
Egg Beads & Nest Pendant


  1. Congratulations on the new grandson! I love the egg beads. My use seems to be on holiday...hope she returns soon!

  2. Congrats on the new grandson! Love the egg beads and the little hen with the big egg is a hoot! Have a wonderful week.