Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pot of Gold

 I began selling my polymer clay creations because I was running out of friends and relatives to give them too!!!
If you feel compelled to keep making  stuff , at some point you may need to find an outlet for your work . On -line selling seemed to be a perfect fit for me . I could run my "shop " however I liked, whenever I liked .My market place would be the Whole World !!! Best of all, I could do all  this at home in my comfy clothes cup in hand !!!
Somewhere along the line, I realized I might even make a profit !!!
Perhaps there was a pot of gold at the end of the inter-net rainbow!

I suppose I do work hard at my little  bead  business. I  devote many hours to making and merchandising.
But, it never really feels like work ! I  Loved the making  part before I started selling .The merchandising part  turns out to be more like a series of "executive lunches" ...lots great time spent chatting and sharing with other Beadie people. I also spend  a  lot of time checking out other shops ,web sites and blogs.
Wonder of wonders , I DO make sales and I DO make some money  
But , Profit ????  
I guess I could make a little profit . But ,while I'm checking out the competition or searching for inspiration,I keep seeing wonderful things I "need"! 
Paypal puts some Gold in the pot, I hit "buy now" and out it goes !!!
So is my pot at the end of the Rainbow  empty ???

Not at all !!! It is filled with friendships and fun !
Countless Golden hours spent learning ,sharing and creating !
I believe there  is a true pot of Gold at the end of my inter-net Rainbow !!!
What's at the end of your personal Rainbow ?

this week take a moment to count your ''Gold "
Bead Happy,


  1. Such a nice post! We think alike. I don't have as much time to devote to my beading as I'd like, but the gold in the pot at the end of my rainbow is the joy of creating and connecting with people who share my passion. If I were in this for profit I would have gone out of business a long time ago.

  2. I agree with you and Lanyardlady - the joy is creating, spending time with mom, and meeting so many wonderous/creative people out in blog land and on Etsy.
    Love the heart pendant above - fabo!
    Have a wonderful weekend!