Saturday, April 9, 2011

Form and Function

Plum  Blossoms Necklace
This month's ABS inspiration painting is  "Finches and Bamboo" by Emperor Huisong .
The moment I saw it ,I knew I wanted to create a design with  flowing  branches.The ABS challenge always gives me an opportunity for a mini art lesson . I did a bit of  "Google-ing"  for Chinese art  to see what I could learn .I decided the recuring Plum Blossom theme would give me chance to make my beloved flowers and to grab some of  the wonderful red from the painting .
So I had my idea  ...graceful  swags  of  leaves and deep red  flowers. But, how to transform  that idea into a wearable piece of jewelry ???
Admittedly some museum  or Paris runway  designs  don't seem influenced by any practical  applications at all!!!
However, most artists who design jewelry  try to balance art form with practical  function.
It's not enough to create something wonderful to look at.
We try to  create something that is actually wearable!
Sometimes that's a problem ! Your muse comes up with a truely  wondrous idea. But ,how the heck can it become a usable  piece of jewelry ???

There are times when construction skills and tecniques are good to know . There are times when it might be better not to realize something isn't possible . Often if you don't realize that a thing can't be done ,you will find a way to do it it ...somehow !!!
That was the case with my design . I had no idea how to make  my vision come to life.I just started laying out components, wrapping and bending wire .Many  hours and much wasted wire latter "Plum Blossoms " was born!

But, now for the final test . Since I work at a veterinary hospital,
I don't often test things by wearing them to work ! Instead I wore my new necklace around the house for several hours .Turned out it is very light weight and hangs quite nicely ....even if you are loading a dishwasher .LOL! A reasonably successful attempt at balance of form and function !Yeah!!!  I will be wearing it to my daughter's College Graduation in May !

this week think about  ways to create function  without compromising form 
Bead Happy ,



  1. STUNNING! Plum Blossoms necklaces is gorgeous! I am blown away and drooling - yes, you can do both at the same time I have found out.

  2. What a beautiful necklace! It feels like being swept away to an exotic place. I really like the design -- you did such a good job going from idea to finished jewellery. Just stunning work!

  3. Your necklace is beautiful! I love your interpretation of the painting. You have made this a work of art with the way you photographed it! Very pretty! I always wear my pieces at least once too! Make sure they don't catch or twist funny!

  4. m.e.
    This is a wonderful piece!
    Thank you for posting on the Studio Saturday post for ABS. I wanted to respond personally to your comment that I will be believing in those things with you and that they will come to fruition.
    And when they do, we will meet in Florida to dive and make jewelry together!

  5. Your new necklace is really beautiful and elegant! I wish your wok to win because it worthy!

  6. This is a fabulous piece. I love the motion you created with the wire. I think this is the best design you have ever made!! Fantabuloso!!

  7. An absolutely beautiful necklace from such an inspiring painting, I love it! I also have made a necklace titled plum blossom it is completely different from yours but my inspiration was chinese art too lol.

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful complements!
    I guess this design was worth the aching fingers it took to create it ! LOL!!!
    m.e. :D

  9. That's absolutely gorgeous! And I'm a big fan of wearing something out to test balance or what have you. Good idea!

  10. A gorgeous piece that looks like a painting. It's sure to be a conversation piece at your daughter's graduation.

  11. This design totally blew my mind! Love it! Kinda makes me scared to even enter mine ;) Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  12. Its very pretty! I can't quite picture how it hands on a person - but I bet your going to get LOTS of comments when you wear it to your daughters graduation!

  13. I like the asymmetric design in the piece inspired by the green leaves which is very nice to the eyes and a complimentary color to many beige and white shades.Gold Charm Bracelet