Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Daze....

Yes, I got up at 4 am on Friday to watch the Royal Wedding !
I spent several hours in the fairy tale world of British pomp and circumstance .
I will admit, I completely enjoyed the break from my normal daily routine .
I eagerly  waited to see THE dress and THE kiss!
I thought both worth my wait .
I really enjoyed the fashion show of hats both lovely and not so lovely !
I was mesmerized by the ceremony, the music and the splendor of the setting .

For just a while the stark realities of  other world news and the hum drum chores of daily life were forgotten.
When I went to work in the afternoon, I found the morning shift had created their own "fascinator" using vet-wrap,gauze,cotton-balls and other veterinary supplies!
I should have taken a picture for you ! It was splendid !!!
We all took turns wearing it! We spent much of the afternoon perusing the inter-net critiquing the wedding guest's choice of outfits .The clients  eagerly joined in ! We had our own little post wedding party ! LOL!!!

Working with sick animals has it's own burden of stress .
This was a nice break for the staff .
It gave the client's just a moment to wonder at someone's choice of hat instead of worrying about their pet .
Today I have hustle to catch up with the laundry.
I'm really behind on my bead production schedule .
But, I don't regret my time spent "at the Wedding ".
Once in while I think an escape from daily routine is a good  for us. 
Our lives are filled with so much we feel  must be accomplished.
The world is full of serious issues and events  to be dealt with .
A little mini vacation from everyday life can't help but refresh us and make us better able to face the realities of our existence.
This week take your own mini vacation
Bead Happy ,

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  1. So nicely said. I completely agree. An escape into the romantic, beautiful fantasyland of the Royal Wedding was a wonderful way to spend a few wee hours. I even watched the replay!