Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's A Weed?

Violets are growing in my strawberry patch!
I must find the time to pull them out !!!
They have become weeds ! I do love the look of wild violets .
I  have never received any  bouquets more beautiful than the bunches of dandelions  picked for me by my children .
But, when things grow were we don't want them, then they become weeds ! Unexpected plants sprouting up in our neat garden rows are not welcome !

But, what about our  beadie weeds ? Do you know what they are ? They are those  unexpected sprouts of creation that happen by mistake...those wild ideas that sometimes appear in our design gardens .What to do with  those beadie weeds ? Do you pluck them out and stick to your orderly rows if inspiration? Or do you modify your  ideas and turn those weeds into bead-uiful  blossoms ?

Many  people make lovely design sketches.They  plan each  piece  carefully on paper before they begin .
Sometimes I wish I could work that way .But , my creations always seem to have a mind of their own .My  designs start with a vague idea and then just evolve topsy turvy until I am pleased with the result . Maybe that's  why I find so many beadie weeds popping up as I work! Some,like the violets in my strawberries,would be lovey  somewhere else. But,they just don't work where they are! Some are more like poison ivy,I don't want them anywhere !!! Other times ,I 'm happy they sprouted up .They might be perfect in the design at hand . I  might be able to use them another time .
I have discovered some of my favorite ideas and inspirations by mistake . An idea  that didn't work out as planned ,sometimes works out better than I imagined  ! Of course sometimes the idea doesn't work at all !!! Those beadie weeds have to be pulled from my  garden of design!!!  But, I do try to take a a moment in the creative process to determine  what is a weed and what is not !
this week watch out
is that idea a weed or a blossom  ?

Bead Happy !


  1. Today I've made a few blossoms after a week of pulling weeds! Sometimes I picture designs in my head, but usually the beads take over. I love it that way.

  2. That is exactly how I feel, you put it into words...beautifully.