Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Next?


This week was a big week for my family !!!
My youngest child graduated from college!!!
I am so PROUD !!!
This is the daughter who takes the really Great photos that sometimes appear here .
The less than great ones I take myself .
Of course on graduation day the whole family was taking snapshots ! At first glance my photo seemed to be a miss.
But, as I thought about it, I realized I might have captured one of the truths about life !
As joyous as the moment was, my daughter can not really see her future .
All of her plans and preparations do not guarantee a specific outcome .
Sometimes things turn out the way we expect , sometimes not .
Either way , there are always lessons to be learned.
There are memories to make . There are moments of joy !
I hope I have taught  my children that as they follow their paths in life, they should enjoy their journey !

Since Annie's Graduation was such a  big moment , I have been thinking on a  momentous scale this week.
But on a  much  smaller scale, my bead making  endeavors  mirror  life. I plan and I prepare.I think I know where  I am headed .
I hope my skills will increase . I hope my shop will grow .
I hope to make enough money to ease the prospect of living on  meager retirement funds in the future .
I want to continue  making the wonderful bead connections that bring me so much happiness. 
I  want to be a  Working Artist when I grow up ! LOL!!!
But, I really can't see the future .
I will do all I can to meet my present goals.
I  will take each bend in the road as it comes and continue to enjoy my journey !
this week
travel where your road leads you
enjoy the trip
Bead Happy !


  1. Fantastic photo that captures the wonderful emotion of the day! Congrats to your daughter and to you for everything you accomplish every day as a parent and an artist.

  2. Good for you and your daughter! Looks like it was a fun day and you give great advice to your kids and to us! travel the road with joy! Thanks for the reminder.