Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rain, Rain go away....

Key West Rain
If you visit this blog in August I will likely be saying the weather is Too Hot and Too Dry!!!
But, right now it is way Too Chilly and way Too Wet at my house !!! Were is the Sunshine ???
I want to spend time in my garden . I want to plant some  new things and find  fresh  inspiration in the flowers that  are blooming.
But, week after week we have had  rain .And not just any rain !
Thunder ,lighting, twister producing ,windy rain!!!
I am very tired of it !!!
I am not an ungrateful person .
I realize some people could use more rain and for some people rain has caused disaster.
I pray for those whose lives are affected by recent floods .

This post is just about my superficial grouchiness .
I  keep a very special  picture on my desk to lift my spirits in times like these .The photograph was taken by my daughter two years ago while we were vacationing in the Florida keys.
We were very excited to begin a shopping trip to Key West .
But ,we had to sit in the  stuffy car and wait out a long rainstorm .
Not about to waste a moment of  her  precious vacation time,
my daughter started taking pictures of the rain.
This is my favorite, a bright flower  petal  that blew onto the hood of our car . I keep it on my desk to remind me to enjoy every moment I possibly can.
The photo also brings back wonderful memories of our trip.
The  current rainy weather certainly placed  a damper on my intentions to work with flowers both real and polymer!
I had planned to make  new floral pendants and bead sets .
But , I  couldn't seem to get started on them.
My heart just wasn't in the project.
Instead, my rainy day photo made me dream of the Florida Keys!
My head said make flowers. But, my heart said sun , sand and sea !
So  I've been working on beach /ocean inspired designs .
They brought me some  needed Sunshine for my soul !

This week try following your heart
Bead Happy !



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  2. Great post! I hope you have some sunshine soon and all your flowery inspirations return! ....If it doesn't stop raining we may all start sculpting raindrops and clouds... and rainbows!! Have a great weekend!

  3. What a nice perspective on things. There is something good in every day, and that photo is a wonderful reminder that life is what happens while we're making other plans...or waiting.

  4. I love your new beach pieces... but your story touched me... Our children teach us alot everyday... it is so awesome when we as parents get it...
    I love your picture!
    Take care,