Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Surprise !

l'amour d'été
What a Happy  Surprise to find  my necklace design chosen as one of the ABS designer of the week choices !!!
The truth  is  the design itself  was a Big Surprise  to me !!!

I was delighted to see that the monthly challenge painting was "Cache-cache" by Berthe Morisot !
Several weeks ago I made a series I titled  "Jardin Potager"  Wonderful ! I already had beads that seemed perfect for the color pallet and I had even given them a French name !

But ,the ABS challenge is my time to play . I always try to make something new to enter,something  just for fun.
So I started  working on my entry in my usual  manner.
I  really would love to tell you I sat down with sketch  book in hand and carefully planned my necklace .
But ,that would be a Big Fat lie!!! My method is this ...first  dump everything on my bed that matches color,shape or  theme of the painting . Then keeping putting things into little piles until I come up with a group of  elements that inspire some sort of  design idea . Gather up tools ,wire ,jump rings etc and try to figure how to make the elements come together  to form a wearable piece of jewelry !!! Creative Chaos ... LOL!!!
Challenges  are always a  good excuse to go shopping !
So I  ordered some Fabulous chain and  rings from missficklemedia in the Perfect white patina.
I couldn't resist making some beads to mimic that beautiful patina! And of course I made a big bright flower!!! Then I selected  several ribbons that were in just the right colors. But ,I  couldn't  pick which to use and which to leave out. Finally I decided they looked so nice together I would try  to use them all !
I set everything out  on my worktable  ,trying to figure how to best  connect the ribbons ...then....SURPRISE  !!!!
The leftover ends didn't look "leftover" !
Instead they  looked  very much like the ribbons in the painting !!!.
The  free flowing ribbon ends also created a scarf  like effect that somehow reminded me of  both Paris fashions and soft Summer breezes !!!
My design had really created itself !!!
What a wonderful Happy Surprise !!!
this week
allow  yourself a bit of design freedom
see where your elements take you !
maybe you'll have a nice Surprise
and Bead Happy !!!



  1. Congrats! Your necklace is beautiful!

  2. Very gorgeous and totally Paris-looking!

  3. Congradulations....that is awesome... what a way to end the week!
    Have a super weekend!
    Take care!

  4. This is a very beautiful necklace! I love your flowers!