Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tomato Romance

First Harvest
I LOVE Tomatoes !!!
Not the  hard , tasteless grocery store type
I love sweet juicy homegrown tomatoes,vine ripe and still warm from the sun !
Due to an unusually cold and wet spring , my plants were late going into the garden this year.
I'll have to wait for those wonderful huge beefsteak varieties .
But , I'm finally able to  harvest a few little cherry tomatoes.
The sunny  shades of  fruits on the vine inspired me this week .
I made up a blend of "ripening tomato " colored  clay.
I enjoyed those sweet delicious tomatoes and I enjoyed making  beads to match !

Beads made ,photos taken, next step ... list in my shop.
But, what to name this series ???
"Ripe Tomato Bead Set"   "Homegrown Tomato Pendant" ????
Somehow those names don't  bring to mind glamorous  jewelry creations .
How important  is a name for any piece of jewelry ???
I'm not really sure how much the name affects the buyer.
If I named  beads "Victorian" something or other, and a potential buyer  wanted to use them for a funky modern creation,
would the name throw them off ?
How much are you influenced by the names of things ?
I do worry about it . Maybe I shouldn't even name my beads .
But, I do. And believe me, I struggle to come up  with decent descriptive titles.
I decided to call this week's series "Jungle Rhythm "
It sounded much more glamorous than any tomato name I could think of .
The colors do remind me of  steamy jungle foliage and bright  tropical flowers .
I hope the name evokes an exotic and unique color  blend that will spark people's  imaginations.
Dear readers, please keep my secret ...
my beads did not start off in some Gorgeous imaginary  Jungle,
the inspiration began  in  my humble little vegetable garden !

this week give a little thought to how  much names influence you
Bead Happy !

Homegrown Tomato ...I mean ... Jungle  Rhythm series


  1. I love the name and the beads. Your post really hits home because I also struggle with names. What I think of when I see the beads may not be what buyers think of. And sometimes my names may be too wacky or silly. So I just go with blue lanyard or pink lanyard. I think a creative name is important though, even though Etsy says don't use them. Bah!

  2. Mom and I are with you guys on coming up with names for our pieces, it is so hard sometimes and there are times nothing comes to either of us. Mom and I do love your pieces though, so the names or no names will not stop us from purchasing :)
    I am with you, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, home grown tomatoes. I don't grow any, but friends do and they almost always bring me in a bag of cherry tomatoes that I scarf at my desk as I am working. Those cherry tomatoes are my weakness, but they are so good!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. The first of your words brought memories of my Daddy growing the biggest and best beefsteaks in his garden in Georgia, thanks for that!
    As far as naming anything, I don't do it, at all, but I feel for you ladies having to come up with ones worthy of your beautiful beads and pieces.
    Enjoy your week!