Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Big Debate

I'm posting this entry from the beautiful  Bahamas !!!
I am truly enjoying a Wonderful  Vacation !!!
Wish you were here  with me  !!!
To me vacation equals sun, sand and scuba diving !!!
My husband and daughters agree .We spell vacation B-E-A-C-H !
My son on the other hand ,will be spending his holiday  by a  mountain lake.
He prefers streams and forests, to surf and beach umbrellas.
He once told me he felt that sitting on the beach was as much fun as sitting on broken glass in a hot oven!
That does seem like a strong statement !!! LOL!!!

Vacation destinations do seem to divide us all.
There are "seashore " people and there are "mountain "people . Most folks feel surprisingly  strongly  about their preference !
We may tour the great cities or small towns .
We may visit everything from the national  parks to amusement parks.Our vacation might  be spent enjoyed any of the wonders of the world . But deep down inside we are still in one camp or the other. No matter were we wander, in our hearts ,we are either  Beach Babes or Mountain Men !
Take a poll sometime'll see !!!
Beach versus Mountains can be the  subject of great debate and some  strong opinions !
Are we genetically programed to love one or the other best ? Maybe  childhood summer vacations influence our choice .
As a child  I did spent a few weeks of every summer at Ocean City Maryland .I loved  searching  for shells and  playing in the waves !
 I took my own children to the beach and they always had a great time . So how did I end up with a Mountain Lake kinda  kid ???
I guess I'll never know . LOL!

In the end the really important thing is we take the  time to vacation somewhere ...
even if it's only in our own backyard .
We all need time to relax and refresh !
We live in a busy ,busy world .
Too busy I think. But, that's a discussion for another day !
Today I'm going to enjoy the beach and come home with renewed energy and  new inspiration!
No matter which side of the vacation fence you  are on....
this week plan some time off  to just RELAX !
Bead Happy ,

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  1. Enjoy your vacation! As for me, I belong to the mountain clan.