Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rocks in My Head

Every month I look forward to the Art Bead Scene Challenge.
Every month it seems that I am inspired by a different aspect of the chosen painting !
Sometimes the theme touches me ,sometimes the colors catch my eye. Other times one element or shape captures my imagination .
When I saw this months painting "Ophelia"  by Odilon Redon
what popped into my head ?
Really  !!!      I just thought of Rocks !!!
How did I get those Rocks in my head ?

First  let  me explain , I Love making faux stones out of polymer clay . For some  reason I am fascinated with the idea  of making light, life like polymer rocks.
I really don't know why this seems like so much fun to me .
Maybe I don't want to know !!!
My family is certainly less than enthusiastic !
The times  when I have joyfully showed them how closely I have been able to reproduce the pebbles in our drive way,
they just roll their eyes ,shake their heads and  silently walk away .
But, faux rocks continue to make me happy !!!

When I saw the beautiful mottled blues in the painting ,
I imagined smooth river rocks lining Ophelia's pool . 
I mixed up a big batch of  blue granite color and made lots of  faux stone beads !
Needless to say, I was very pleased!!! LOL!!
I thought a necklace in these soothing cool tones might be perfect for  a Hot Summer day !!!
But, it did seem to need a  pop or two of color . A touch of  the painting's bright orange and yellow  seemed just right.
I used the shapes of  a rounded flower and a heart  shaped one from the picture . I  hand carved the beads to give them a rustic "wooden"  look.
Some nice twigs made by Mother Nature and some lovely blue sari silk  ribbon ,finished off my necklace  .
A simple, bold design that I think I will enjoy all Summer.
I  already had rocks in my head.....
Now I can wear them around my neck as well !!!
Faux is FUN!!!
This week have some fun with your faux favorites
Bead Happy !



  1. I think this piece is expetionell. I love the faux rocks, the twigs and the certain feel this necklace has. Stunning!

  2. Gorgeous piece! I love how close you got with your faux rocks, awesome!