Saturday, June 25, 2011

Island Inspiration Mix

Annie's French Angelfish

I'm back from my wonderful Bahamas Vacation !!!
It's hard to get back to my regular schedule after a week of island time!!! But, I  learned to say "No problem mon " !!!  LOL!!!!
I brought home a suitcase  FULL  of sea-glass and shells we gathered on the beach.
A lot of future jewelry projects !!!
My daughter took some Wonderful photos !!!
Look at that beautiful French Angelfish swimming right toward her camera !!!
I am filled with all sorts of Island Inspiration !!!
This week  I've been busy making Fish pendants .
The bright colors keep me in a vacation mood !!!
But, my fish aren't really replicas of the fish we saw while scuba diving.
Instead they are Fantasy Fish .
Little swimmers in colors inspired by Bahamian art ,
rather than Mother Nature.
My fun fish are meant to capture the feel of the islands,
rather than any exact fish species.
I  took the sights ,sounds , smells and flavors of the Bahamas...stirred them together and used that as my inspiration !

Inspiration is often like that.
It doesn't seem to come from one easily identifiable place .
What we see and what we feel mixes around  in our hearts and minds .
When we are ready to create, our inspiration comes from this mix of visual and emotional memory.
I think that's the difference between copying or reproducing and being inspired by something .
It's fine to try to reproduce a certain style. That's a good way to understand and get a true feeling for something .
But "inspired by "seems to imply that we mix  the ingredients up and add some of our own spices.
Fun to do ,often with interesting results !
this week
Stir up some Summer Inspiration Ingredients
add a few of  your own flavors
see what you  create
and Bead Happy !!!
Fantasy Fish Pendants


  1. Glad you had a wonderful vacation! Love those fishes!!!!

  2. What a lovely post -- I agree about inspiration -- you never know WHEN it will hit or by what means.