Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holiday Colors

This week I've been planning  a Fourth of July barbeque .
The holiday weekend marks the height of Summer Fun for me.
I was really in the mood to use  red ,white and blue clay !
But, jewelry design should always be at  least one season ahead .
I should be thinking about fall and winter color pallets.
Is it too late  in the season to think about  listing  red ,white and blue beads ???

Funny how we associate colors with holidays.
Red and green,black and orange ,pink and purple pastels...
all bring to mind certain times of the year.
I'm sure my beadie friends the world over, have their own concepts of which colors go with their favorite holidays.
Of course not all jewelry is  seasonal.
People do wear pink in the winter or russet in the spring !
But ,we often sell more items in the colors associated with the season.Should I be making red ,white and blue beads this week ?
I really wanted to!!! But, I did need to make items for my shop .
I thought it over it and I had a "light bulb " moment !!!!

Red and white does remind me of  gingham check tablecloths for Summer picnics.
But, it also makes me think about Christmas Candy Canes and Valentines day Hearts with Lace .
Blue and white is perfect for a breezy Summer afternoon but it also brings to mind a Snowy winter morning . Blue and white is perfect for  Hanukkah too.
This week I decorated my house for the Fourth of July .
I am ready to celebrate the birthday of the USA !
I'm  ready ready to celebrate Summer !
I did make my  beads in red,white and blue ! 
I hope my beads will find homes with designers who don't necessarily pick seasonal colors and with designers who are looking ahead to winter !!!
How do you decide what color pallet to work on ???
this week pick some unexpected colors
Bead Happy !

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  1. Love the bead colors!!!! Mom and I sure don't base our pieces on the time of the year, which I know we should do, but we don't :) We just make what we like and go with it. Really love that top pendant!
    Happy 4th of July and have a wonderful rest of your summer!