Saturday, July 30, 2011

Log Off....

Turtles at the Ardastra Zoo
I continue to be forever grateful for the many wonderful friends
I have made online.
I wonder at the wealth of inspiration and knowledge to be gained on the internet.
The world seems literally to be at my finger tips!
Beadie blogs and web sites abound !!!  So much FUN!!!

But, now and then I feel the need to take a break from swimming about in the computer pond.
 I find it helpful to log off and just bask in the sun!!!
Summer vacations are the time we traditionally set aside regular daily routines .
We go somewhere different ,do something different ...leave our pond and sit in the sun awhile.
But ,we can and should  take mini vacations  through out the year !

I realize  that the Holidays are fast approving and you want to be at your creative  best !!!
Not to worry, inspiration and motivation come from all over .
Sometimes inspiration and motivation can even come from doing Nothing  !
If you are like me you are thinking about beads and  bead designs even when you believe you are not ...LOL!!
Somehow those ideas for all things beadie just seem to get into our heads by osmosis !
I can go grocery shopping or even to the dentist,come home and be struck by a moment of bead inspiration !
Where did it come from??? Who knows ???
Maybe it was just waiting until my brain took a rest, to develop .
Or maybe the idea just  arrived out of thin magic!

There are times we intentionally seek inspiration .
We plan a  trip to an art gallery, botanical garden, exotic location etc...
But, there are times I believe we just need rest our bead brains!
We need  time to restore our creative energy .
Time to let ideas and inspirations age a bit like fine wine !
Whether it be a long summer vacation  or just a few moments basking in the sun
this week
log off
rest ,restore
then  log in
Bead Happy !!!


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me!
    Hope you feel relaxed, refreshed, renewed.
    Enjoy the day!