Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unique Creations

What does this  photo have to do with beads?
keep reading......
My daughter took the picture on our trip to Nassau.
The flamingo resides at the Ardas'tra Gardens and Zoo,
home of the marching  flamingos  !
This little zoo is true gem.Don't miss it if you visit Nassau .
We watched this flamingo for a long time .
Clearly  she was carefully tending a Coke can.
I think most people didn't stop to take notice of her effort .
A few probably though  she was silly, strange or sad to be nurturing a can .
But ,to me she was a symbol of my own creative  endeavors.
I 'm not concerned if I go unnoticed or my work is misunderstood.
What matters is the happiness I feel nurturing my own little
Coke can of creativity !!!

The ETSY "featured Seller 'interview usually includes the question "What does handmade mean to you?"
My personal answer would  be lengthy since I  am a huge fan of  made by hand art and  crafts .
I love handmade for a myriad of  reasons .
But, one of the best things is that it implies a uniqueness so often lost in our cookie cutter world .
Items created by hand are each a bit different even when they are  meant to be the same !
I could make a million roses (I probably have)
But, they would each be a bit different .
I make no apology ,Mother Nature makes each of her flowers a bit different too!

I love the one of a kind creations that spring from heads and hearts and lovingly take shape in and someone's hands.
The wonderful and sometimes wildly unique ideas that can not be or will not be duplicated.
When  I design jewelry I strive to make a uniquely artistic piece. On rare occasion I  think this happens .
But, there are times I create something uniquely bad!!!
More often,I  like to think my work falls somewhere in between.
However, I believe the important thing is the joy I feel from the process. I love imagining ,planing and puzzling over every creation. Fabulous ,frightful or some were in between,each of my designs is mine alone.Something unique and very special to me .
This week think of the Flamingo
create something truely unique
just because you can !  
(get it ..can ...LOL!!!)
Bead Happy


  1. Wonderful analogy. My whole effort with art has been to do what makes me happy and enjoy the process. I have had some bloopers but some top hits too. It's all part of life like you said. I have never been a cookie cutter type and never will be. Get your ARt oN!!

  2. Great post. There's a reason they call art "creative."