Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garden Design

Heart of the  Garden

It's time for the July Art Bead Scene challenge !
This month's painting is Morning in the Garden at Vaucresson,
by Edouard Vuillard .  How perfect for Summer !!!
The gardens around me are in  full bloom !!!
I  think it's obvious I love flowers  and plants !
I love every sort of garden . I love everything from the spare beauty of a Zen garden to the overgrown medley of a wild meadow. My own little gardens are  something in between .
They are disorderly enough to remind me of wild woodland glens.
But ,they are orderly enough to make  weeding and tending the plants possible .
Unless your goal is to create wild life habitat ,
your garden probably has a practical side to it's design.
If you have  enough free time maybe you have an elaborate formal garden with all types of wonderful plants.
If you have little time ,you might have just a few easy to care for favorites.Living gardens  by  necessity , balance the pretty with the practical.

Our  Bead garden designs allow us more freedom !
When I saw this month's painting I knew I could design  my garden just as I liked .
I decided it would be all about colors in the painting !
I didn't select a  just  few of the colors.
I used all the the colors I could find !!!
I  wanted  the feeling  of a lush garden ,carefully tended but still a little on the wild side .
A place with colorful flowers blooming in  every nook and cranny. Not a sunshine bright garden glowing with  primary colors .
But ,a misty morning garden with all the soft  shades of Vuillard's painting.
I wanted my design to capture that  feeling of a quiet, peaceful morning  among the flowers.  
My real garden is  badly in need of weeding .
It's baking under glaring Summer sun.
But, thanks to ABS, my necklace garden seems to have a cool, serene feeling .
A perfect  way for me to add a touch of calm to a busy day !
How does you garden grow ?
this week create  a bead garden designed  just for you
Bead Happy ,


  1. Oh my...I love your piece. It is so peaceful, serene and GORGEOUS! You captured the piece perfectly.

  2. I love the way you brought in the multicolored ribbon! It has so many of the colors in the painting, and your rusty eustecheon is perfect yo bring an element of the beautiful old house into your piece.

    Terri Greenawalt

  3. Now that is a gorgeous piece. I love the ribbon running through it... and you beads are spectacular- quite a change from your usual style... Love them!!

  4. And what a beautiful bead garden it is!

  5. Love the eye-popping colors! Beautiful...

  6. I love the chain and ribbon together, very nice!