Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cool Blue Summer

The Blue Bahama Door   
This week much of the USA is experiencing an oppressive heat wave. It might be a record breaker !
Living in Maryland I am no stranger to heat and humidity .
I grew up without air conditioning. Yes , I'm that old !!!
Many summer afternoons were spent sitting inside,
shades drawn against the scorching sun, fans running at full blast.
All non essential housework was put on hold .
We ate cold salads because it was "too hot to cook".
The adults sat and sipped endless glasses of iced tea and iced coffee. I spent my time sitting at their feet coloring and crafting .
I had a captive audience.  Bliss !!!

There are days I wistfully think it would be nice to have an excuse to do nothing  but sit and sip cold drinks !
But I do not want to give up my air conditioned comfort !!! 
In my artificially cool house beading, cooking and housework proceed as usual ...and in that order ..LOL!!!
But, still I feel an inner need to " beat the heat " 
I put away my warm tone clays in favor of a cool color pallet.
I was particularly drawn to the muted blue of the wonderful door my daughter photographed in the Bahamas .
I know  my work area would remain the same temperature
if I worked in flame orange or hot pink !
But, the blue tones reminded me of the shade drawn rooms of my childhood . I could almost feel the fans blowing over me .
Working with the cool blue color pallet brought back the happy, content feeling of those long ago Summer afternoons .
Funny how colors influence us they evoke emotions and influence mood .......
If its hot where you live 
this week work in a cool color pallett
Bead Happy !

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