Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dress Up

Time again for  the ABS  challenge !!!
This month's inspiration is Illustration for American Cresent Cycles, 1899 by Frederick Winthrop Ramsdell
Gorgeous !!! I love those colors together !!! 
While searching through my stash for elements that might work ,
I heard something calling  my name!
What was it ? 
Funky little vintage copper chain fringes !
When I placed them on my copy of the poster, they just disappeared right into that fabulous hair .
They seemed made for this challenge !!!

I don't often make earrings . But, these seemed to make themselves !
The elements just fell into a collage of mixed metals and created a design for long glam dangles.
I seriously doubt any of my friends would identify long dangle earrings  with me...LOL !
Wearing them  made me feel like I was playing dress up .
I felt like I was a little girl  trying on Mom's high heels.
I was just  pretending  I was a fancy grown up lady.
I imagined I was the  woman in the poster,with long copper hair and skirts blowing in  breeze.
I wouldn't have thought to created  earrings  like these  for myself .
But , I'm very glad I did !!!
Just wearing these earrings lets me  feel a bit different ,
maybe be a bit different ...just for a while.
Big girls  should play dress up too !
We can step out of  our  usual daily persona and have some fun  !
Just for a night , be a gypsy , a movie star  ....whatever we please.
Sometimes all we have to do is change our jewelry to change the way we feel !!!
How GREAT is that !!!
this week
instead of creating based on how you feel
design for how you want to feel !!!
dress up
Bead Happy !


  1. Beautiful earrings, love the swirl of colors in your clay beads.

  2. Great beads for the challenge and love the fringe of copper chains. Sounds like you are enjoying them too!

  3. Love these earrings! Awesome job!

  4. Those are absolutely adorable. I love the copper fringe with them.

  5. Totally loving these dangles! You nailed it again!
    Enjoy the day.

  6. Beautiful earrings, those leaves are stunners!