Thursday, November 15, 2012

Artisan Whimsy Metal Prong Challange

A Mermaid's Cuff

I always post a new blog entry on Saturdays.
This week I'm early . I have a very good reason why.
I have discovered a wonderful new bead group, Artisan Whimsey.
Check it out ...lots going on over there
This is my entry in the Metal Prong Challenge
Believe me, for moi this was a challenge!
For a long time I've been wanting to learn to solder .
It seemed like it would be a very useful skill.
But, I just never got "round tuit ''
Maybe because it involved flames.
My attempts at glass bead making were less than a success!
It seemed impossible for me to succeed if fire was involved.
However, when I read  Staci Louise Smith's  prong setting tutorial ,
I decided to take a risk .

I always ways use beads in my creations...beads as defined as something with a hole through it.
If the object of my beading desire doesn't already have a hole,
my dremel and I can usually remedy that in short order.
But, there are bits and pieces that are too flat or too fragile to drill.
I love putting teeny memorabilia in resin . Most of my resin molds are impossible to drill sideways.
Therefore, objects that I can not make into beads get a front to back hole and become  charms or pendants. But ,if I could learn to make a prong setting ,those pieces could be set like cabochons!
I decided to borrow a torch and soldering supplies from an artist friend.But, I didn't want to ask for any  help. Instead I wanted to see if I could follow the tutorial instructions.
Congrats to Staci ! She made it easy !
My attempts need some fine turning . My prongs are a bit rough and primitive.But, I think that works fine with my bracelet.
I like to imagine it was lost by a mermaid .
Then washed up by tides to be discovered by me....
it is possible...
anything is possible.....
After all I final learned to solder !
this week make one of your impossible dreams come true
Bead Happy !

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  1. YOU TOOK THE PLUNGE! That's such a big deal - and it feels great, doesn't it?? I love that you made this technique your own - no one I've seen yet has done a bracelet for this challenge. And it turned out really beautiful - excellent job!!!

  2. Delightful piece. I think it came out great. I think this challenge was such fun. I too have always wanted to be able to solder. And what a doable tut.

  3. Good for you! and it is so beautifully done!!

  4. A bracelet after my own sea glass lovin heart! VERY well done, and soldeirng that many to one piece is not easy. thanks for participating!

  5. Love your unique approach to the challenge!

  6. Nice work. Great idea to do a bracelet.

  7. I think that the flame would stop me on this challenge. I have done soldering but only in a classroom setting and I don't have that sort of set up in my own studio. Too much flammable material in there and not enough ventilation. I am going to see if I can figure out a non torched method to doing this as I see a lot of potential here. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to next! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. Your bracelet is beautiful an it does look like it has been lost by a mermaid. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and some beautiful and thoughtfully creative work came from it. Great job!


  9. What a great way of doing this project. I really like the cuff and you executed the prongs very well.

    Nicely done.


  10. WoWWW - I think you did the most prong settings I've seen so far. That is a great piece, especially on that yummy patina metal cuff! Better hope the mermaid who lost it doesn't come looking for it, ha ha!

  11. I'm so proud of you! I was intimidated by soldering and anything having to do with flames for a long time, so I know what a big deal it is to finally dive in.


  12. Very nice m.e.! I was afraid to try something not very flat, but you're inspiring me!

  13. Very creative way to "hoard" those treasures. Awesome piece. Loved that there is more than one treasure to look at on the bracelet. Great job!