Saturday, November 3, 2012


Time for the November ABS challenge!
There are times when color seems to give a design all the impact it needs.
I love,love,love color!
For me picking out the exact shades of the inspiration picture ,is always a big part of my creative process.
But, this month I could not do that .
There was no rainbow of hues to match with my bead stash.
I do have plenty of black ,white and gray beads .
That simple, sophisticated palette can certainly be striking .
But ,I decided to creep outside my comfortable box a bit.
I wanted to try letting texture speak for me instead of color.

In the aftermath of the infamous  storm Sandy, all the trees in my area are stripped bare ,
The black branches outside my window seemed to mimic the ABS inspiration choice.
Somehow my muse  found the painting  a refection of the recent weather.
I just let my imagination run wild ,twisting and turning wire to create those images.
Maybe all that  twisting released at bit of of my pent up post storm frustrations!
My art bead is an image of one lone leaf that still hangs on despite the wind.
Vintage chandelier crystals represent the water in the painting.
They also remind me of  rain drops after the storm.

Nature can be a frightening force.
To all that suffered or are still suffering from Sandy's onslaught ,
you are in my prayers.
remember and respect the power of nature
this week
reflect on nature's Beauty
Bead Happy


  1. Can't think of a better way to start my morning and a new week than by reading your thoughtful, inspiring post. Your challenge piece is beautiful beyond words!

  2. What an amazing piece. I am so moved by how you turned your storm experience into this beautiful necklace. I also like the way you expressed and included the power and cruelty of natural forces.
    My deepest sympathy and hopes for better times soon to all in Sandy's path.