Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowy and cold today....

One of my goals for the New Year is to enter the ArtBead Scene monthly challenge as often a possible.
Be sure to check out their wonderful blog at

The painting chosen for this month's inspiration is "The Magpie" by Monet

Perfect !!! Almost like the view out my window !
We're having a VERY Cold Snowy winter thus far.
Inside ,I'm managing to say cozy.Got Coffee,got Clay and I'm feeling Creative !
Hope you are feeling warm and worry free too !

I was thinking of organizing my bead stash this year.......
But, instead I'm riffling through my beads and findings trying to come up with an idea for my Art Bead Scene entry.

My creative process goes something like this :
fix cup of coffee
print inspiration picture and put on my bed
dump all beads and findings onto my bed
sort out anything that seems to "go with "the painting
stuff all other items back into storage boxes
sit on bed and stare at items that "match" til my muse sends me a design idea

I am currently at the sit and stare stage
I did take a break to go outside and snap a photo of my Ice Queen Fairy pendant.
I was trying for a Monet inspired shot ! Maybe I should cut back on the coffee... lol !
For now , back to staring at beads and waiting for my muse to arrive...
Stay warm and
Bead Happy ! :) m.e.

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  1. We beaders have a time of it, don't we? I have a couple of birthday presents I need to make and am clueless of what do for the recipients.

    By the way--my aunt loved her butterfly fairy! I'm stuck on what to do with mine!