Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clay Dreams

24 inches of snow on the ground .... and 10 more in today's forecast!!!
I do love the winter landscape.
There is a certain beauty to my garden all covered in glistening white .
I have enjoyed the snow .But, enough already !!!
I need a dose of bright , hot sunshine !
Alas ,I am snowed in until who knows when .
However, I can clay- dream .
I've been busy mixing nice tropical colors and making little sea creatures.
Clay-dreamin' about the Florida Keys

Just to kick the heat up a notch, I decided to dream about places I've never been.
I imagined myself in a desert scenario .
After a few hours of shoveling snow , I 'd like to be a reptile warming myself on smooth warm rock.
I can just feel the heat !
What would I like in my fantasy desert ? Maybe some cactus?
How about cactus flowers !
I completed one ...now I'm working on another for the next PCAGOE challenge .
The theme is "texture" Plenty of great textures in the desert !
I feel warmer already !
Back to my clay-dreamin'
stay warm and ...
Bead Happy ,
m.e . :)
Desert Spring Pendant

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  1. I live in the Southwest--this pendent would fit right in! I wished you had joined the Bead Soup Party! I'd loved to be your partner!