Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Play becomes PASSION !!!

I suppose I am a spatial-visual , kinesthetic learner.
On a less than scientific level ,I like to see and touch things !
I have always been compelled to make things inspired by everything I see and touch.
For some reason (I'm probably better off not knowing why),
I like to make things that are small.
I Especially like jewelry and beads . I started long ago with macaroni and yarn.Then I moved on to every medium available .
I made beads out of everything I could !

When I met polymer clay ,magic happened ! Instant friendship !!!
Whatever my mood or desire clay adapts. It's very forgiving !
My perfect companion ! From the moment we met, we spent every spare moment together .
In today's lingo, polymer became my BFF .
I began to think of it more and more often . I made excuses to spend more time making clay beads.
It seemed I was always longing to make the next clay creation ! Everything around me seemed to inspire a Polymer Bead.
I even dreamed about clay Beads !!!

My innocent friendship had become my Passion !
I made beads ,beads and more beads!
I LOVE making beads!!!
I started selling beads so I'd have a reason to make more !
I can't stop creating beads,talking about beads , looking at beads, reading about beads!
I'm Extremely PASSIONATE about beads!!!

Is that a bad thing?

When Passion grabs you, should you try to resist ?
I say NO WAY !
Making my beads a form of meditation for me .
Daily stress goes out of my mind when my bead muse visits.
Beads have been a part of human culture since ancient times.
As I learn more about beads , I learn more about history, geography and geology !
But, the very best gifts I've gained are the friendships.
Because of my bead passion , I have met bead lovers from all over the world !
Acquaintances begun because of beads, blossomed into friendships.
My passion has Expanded my world
it has also made the world seem to be a much Smaller friendlier place !

When my play became my Passion , my life was enriched in every way imaginable .

I reached out for a hand that held a bead and found much more....

Bead Happy , m.e :)

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To Bead or not To Bead there any question ???

Beads, Beads, More Beads!

Olive Beads ! Don't you ?


  1. Hi Mary Ellen
    Olive Beads too! Great post inpired by your passion for polymer clay. :-)

  2. Hi Mary Ellen! I love beads! I love your beads! I can't seem to stop collecting and creating with beads! Is it a bad thing? I don't think so because so far it's not interfering with my ability to function! LOL That's the psychology speaking.

    Anyway--I believe that we do de-stress instead of decompressing when creating. That's why art therapy is so fruitful!

    Thank you for sharing your insights!

  3. Mary Ellen, OMG, your work is Gorgeous! I LOVE your flowers, especially Desert Spring and Berries and Cream. I hope to have more time to come back and read your back posts very soon. Your passion for your art is extremely visible!

  4. Hello Mary Ellen...stopped by from Art Bead Scene blog...
    Wonderful work...I love any kind of beads, but especially those made with love as it is obvious yours are!!!

  5. I enjoyed looking at the beads in your shop. It's obvious that polymer clay is your BFF--I think polymer clay and I are still at the acquaintance stage. Maybe in time the clay and I will have a relationship like yours! :)