Sunday, March 7, 2010

They're Here !

Finally the snow is melting!!! As it recedes it reveals a mushy muddy mess...
and ..... the first Spring sprouts ! WOO HOO !!!!
I planted a host of new flower bulbs in the fall . They have been hunkered under the mulch all winter . Frozen under a thick blanket of ice and snow .

Bulbs aren't really very promising looking when you plant them .
The brown unattractive little orbs never look very hopeful .
You'd think a winter in the dirt would do them in.
But ,then one day when you least expect it ,
they surprise you ! First the little green sprouts emerge .
They stretched toward the sun, then burst into bloom !!!
Truly a WONDER !!!

During the week I've been pondering this month's ABS challenge
Van Gogh's "Almond Blossoms"
My ideas are now in the Bulb stage.
Not very promising little things that need some time to rest and develop .
I am hoping when I least expect it little spouts of inspiration will appear,then blossom into a new clay creation !!!
I trusted in mother Nature when I planted those bulbs in the fall .
Finally flowers appearing from under the mud !
Now I must trust in my Muse to bring forth something from my muddled brain!

In an effort to be completely honest ..the photo at the top was taken by my daughter last Spring
The first sprouts of this year appeared around the cap to my septic tank !!!
Comparisons of my Spring bubs to my artistic inspirations will end here .
I do not wish to carry the analogy future...
I would rather not compare my brain to my septic tank !!!
Bead Happy,
m.e . :)


  1. You lucky duck. All I see in my flower bed are mysterious holes. I think the squirrels have had a healthy and fruitful winter at the expense of my bulbs. >:(

  2. I get that same excited feeling when I see those green shoots peeking through the soil! I can't wait to see which daffodils you have!