Saturday, March 27, 2010

Material Girl

Are you a Material Girl ???
I am !!!
Not in the literal sense of the word.
I love to create , I love the materials of creativity.
I seem to accumulate art mediums of every sort...conventional and unconventional.
People who love to "make things" seem compelled to collect "art stuff"
We ARE Material Girls!!!

Most of us have probably found a preferred medium. The means by which we can best express our inner artist. For me it is ,of course , polymer clay .
For others it maybe paint , glass , even jewelry components !
I do LOVE my clay. But,I'm not married to it ! I will date now and then .
From time to time ,I may just have a cup of coffee with some other art medium !
My closet is stuffed FULL of supplies !
Things I've tried and things I think I will get around to trying .
I have boxes of completed ,half completed and never will be completed projects !
But, I rarely "destash " 'cause you never know when "I just might need that" !
yep...I'm a Material Girl!!!

This month PCAGOE gave me a chance to try one of my wish list of crafts.
Best of all, I didn't need locate my stash of fabrics for the quilt I'm going to make someday !
The challenge theme is Inspired by Fabric .
My entry is this "quilted " flower pendant .

ck out this flickr link to see the entries as they come in

then be sure to go here to see the prizes you could win just for voting !!!!
Voting starts April 1 foolin' !!!!

I'm off to ck out ESTY and the inner-net for more art ideas and mediums I might want to try
'cause ....
You know that we are living in a material world

And I am a material girl

Bead Happy , m.e . :)


  1. You are my kindred spirit, except I have made a few quilts already. :)

    But I do collect stuff to try. Someday!

  2. I wish I had more space to organise my creative supplies so I could find them more easily!
    I have the materials for many things and wish there was more time to use them all!

    I love your fabric piece it is amazing. Good luck