Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bird Brained

I enjoy bird watching year round .
But ,in the Spring I really become a bird brain !!!
As the weather warms I awake every morning to their songs.
Outside there is a flurry of pairing up and nest building .
The birds that winter here are joined by the summer residents.
The budding trees and greening lawn are fulled with my feathered friends !
It's hard to stop looking out windows or sitting on the porch to enjoy the show
This year I've discovered there is some great bird watching on my computer too!
I am hooked on the live web cam featuring Molly and McGee the barn owls
I love watching them raise their babies !

The photo above is a baby we helped raise last year.
The tiny wren fell from the nest too early .
We could not reach the nest and our neighborhood is frequented by many cats
So we decided to house the baby in a cat proof wire cage under the tree.
We would care for it if needed.But, we were hoping the parents would feed the infant.
Indeed they did ,making many daily trips with "baby food " a plenty!
They did keep an eye on us . But, they didn't seem to mind us watching them .
They even tolerated the photo session .
A few days after the photos, the baby flew off to start life in the trees.
Perhaps this year it will be raising a family of it's own near by !

Most of you knew I was "beady eyed"
now you know I am a "bird brain " too !
are you ?
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

a few Bird Beadies !!!


  1. awww. so sweet m.e. :)

    by the way, what's that link to the florida keys? I'd love to see that. My mom's in florida so it would almost be like beginning my day with my mom. :)

  2. Tejae,
    Here's the link to a whole page of
    Keys live web cams !!!

    I'm not sure how to make a direct link here
    you might have to cut and paste
    You will be able to watch the Sunset from Mallory Sq tonite....better go fix yourself a margarita !!! :D m.e.

  3. What a beautiful story! Good for you and your inventiveness in keeping the baby bird safe and accessible to its parents.