Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is Less More ?

I have to admit ...I'm a More is More type of person .
I like lots of "stuff " around me . Some people mistake this for being a pack rat !
NO!!! I prefer to say I am Very Visual person !
I am inspired by the tiny details in everything I see .
When I am in create or decorate mode I have to remember stop myself.
If I don't ,I just keep adding and adding .............and adding !
I get caught up in detail .Sometimes I don't even look at a finished work .If I ponder things too much I always think I need to add something! Is that the reason for evolution ? " I think those dinosaurs should be a bit smaller ...and maybe I should add some fur................."

the Art Bead Scene monthly challenges give me a chance to stretch my creativity
I do admire free form and abstract .
This month the painting "Insula Dulcamara " by Paul Klee really made me step outside the box !
The bold shapes and texture seemed to call for a spare and simple design.
Can an Add More Mind be happy with a Less is More creation ?
I am!!!
A few beads and some simple knots made my new favorite necklace!
Easy to wear and light enough for the hot ,humid Maryland summer soon to arrive !
I still love lots o'stuff creations .But ,it was relaxing and refreshing to make something simple .
If you are a More is More type you might like to try something Easy Breezy this week too!
It's fun!!!
Bead Happy , m.e. :)


  1. Hi m.e., you raise some interesting questions. I like your "spare and simple", but then I like your "more is more", too! CONGRATULATIONS on your Etsy April Challenge win. Lovely faux quilted flower!

  2. Thank you Melody !
    faux is FUN too !!!
    :) m.e.

  3. Hi,m.e!I like your new necklace!It have very interesting beads with fresh colors!I want to thank you for the good words about my works.I search for your e-mail but I didn`t find it.