Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tiny Treasure

Memories make us who we are .
They make us feel happy, sad ,cautious , motivated ......
I've been busy this week re-purposing some teeny bottles into "Dream Keeper pendants ",
tiny pendant jars to store something very special.

I'm having so much fun decorating the outsides of these !!!
But, when it came time to take photos ,I wondered what people might choose to put inside ?
What tiny treasures would people pick to hold a memory close to their heart ?
What little note might motivate them or brighten their day ?

My personal pendant will include
Sand from vacations in the Florida Keys...priceless times spent with my family
Shells and coral from my Honeymoon in the Bahamas ...the start of a new life
for My daughter who works so hard at full time college and full time job ...a reminder to "follow your dream "

Our tiny treasures got us where we are and will get us where we're going!
It's probably wise to take time in our busy lives to sort out our memories now and then .
Choose which we need to keep close at the moment .
Which we need to store close to our hearts always.
What dreams do we need to be reminded of ?

What personal treasures would you choose for a dream keeper jar this week ?
Whatever you decide, I hope you
Bead Happy ,
m.e. :)


  1. M.E. this is one beautiful and motivating and heart moving post. Just a few minutes ago I've been trying to help my daughter remember some moments we shared in past and it is sad when we forget them. This is a really pretty way to keep them. I guess now I would write down some moments that shouldn't be forgotten and roll it inside the tiny jar.

  2. Sandra,
    Thank you for stopping by .
    I'm so pleased this post touched you .
    It would be lovely for you and your daughter to write down those memories and keep them in a special jar.
    Just don't forget decorate the jar,
    preferably with your beautiful clay work !!!
    m.e. :)

  3. Now you gave me a real push an I will do it, only the jar would have to be bigger :)Thanx