Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reach For The Moon

"Reach for the moon,
and even if you miss you will be among the stars"

The upcoming PCAGOE challenge theme is History !
check out the amazing entries so far
Voting starts 5/1
remember , great prizes to be won just for voting!!!

My entry commemorates Man's first walk on the moon !
Yes ,I am old enough to have witnessed that first small step for a man !
On July 20,1969 I sat mesmerized in front of my black and white T.V.

As mankind took that giant leap the world suddenly seemed smaller to me
Little did I know ,how it would seem to shrink as the years went by.

Once my only connections with Art were books ,museums or chance meetings !
Now I sit at my computer ,sip my coffee and connect with artists all over the world!!!
I can be inspired and amazed by every medium imaginable ...
and some I would never have imagined !
I can delight in the works of fellow polymer clay lovers.
I can see what new wonders they are creating .
So many AMAZING works of Art !!!

This wealth of Inspiration sometimes overwhelms me !
I think, I could never aspire to create any art like that!!!
But ...wait ....
Yes I can !
I CAN reach for the moon!
Perhaps I will even land among the stars!
At the very least ,I'll stretch my creativity and have fun doing it !

The wide world of wonderful Art is at our finger tips.
We can choose to let it Intimidate or Inspire.

I hope you choose to reach for the Moon !
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy reading your blog because you are a poet, writer, and philosopher, as well as an artist! I Love your "history" entry. It's such a cohesive piece that is right in tune with your theme title. The space module/clock hand dial is perfect. I bet in person the crystals totally "light up" like stars in matrix of your dark "sky".

    May you reach your personal "moon", or at least REALLY enjoy the journey among the stars.

    BTW, thanks for your so kind words that you left on my blog.