Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cookies and Clay

No matter what ingredients we add to our creations,
they all contain at least a pinch of inspiration.
Where do we stock up on inspiration?
We get it here, there... everywhere !
We get it from people we meet and places go .
The internet itself is a vast inspiration store .
We may actively seek to be inspired or it might happen when we least expect it.
Usually we are aware of how and when an idea formed .
But, sometimes things just seem to come from nowhere !

Have you ever had one of those "how the heck did I come up with that" moments?
Something must have inspired your creation... but, what?
Usually I don't ponder the question too long .
I'm always so glad when I get an idea ...I don't really worry where it came from!

This week I've been obsessed with making pendants with "thumb prints"
I'm enjoying "floating " very delicate little creatures in the "dent"
While busying myself with these designs I suddenly had an "ah ha" moment !
I realized where the idea came from !
From my diet ! LOL! Really did !!!
I've been trying to loose some weight . Trying to eat healthy . Difficult to do any time for me ! Almost impossible at my workplace . The place is a magnet for every sugary carb laden treat imaginable ! I work for a Veterinarian and our clients seem to think they need to feed the staff.
Much of what they bring us is homemade and soooooooo yummy .
Several weeks ago it was those buttery little thumb print cookies with dabs of jelly .
I resisted . But, I kept thinking how GOOD those cookies looked.
I was dreaming of those cookies for days. Finally they seemed to be out of my thoughts .....

This week while playing around with a particularly pretty clay blend ,I made a little thumb print on the ball of clay .Then I thought ..hum... I could add a little something in that bowl shape! Before I realized it ,I was unknowingly working on a Cookies to Clay design !!!
Many people wouldn't understand this inspiration process .
But, I think you probably do .
Remember a cookie shape ....make a clay pendant .
That makes perfect sense...right ?
My only question is ...
If I was inspired to make this little design by not eating a cookie ,
would I be inspired to make truly fabulous design if I ate some of those cookies ?
If I ate a whole plate full, could I create a masterpiece ? (dieting is hard)

Hope your inspiration this week is Sweet !
Bead Happy , m.e . :)

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