Saturday, April 6, 2013

ABS April Challenge

Meadow in  Bloom

It's time for the ABS April challenge
WOW ! A whole meadow full of flowers to inspire me  !
How could I resist making those glorious wild poppies?
However , ABS is a chance for me to think outside the box.
So I decided not to make lifelike poppy  blossoms .
After all, Monet did not paint photographic images .
I decided I would create beads that represented my impression of wild poppies .  
I really wanted to contrast the bright orange with the misty lilac tone .
Off I went to rummage through my box of  purple and purplish beads.
Turns out there were plenty of good matches .I Love purple .
I choose some rough cut fluorite . Meadows are not precisely  groomed and well manicured like formal gardens. The beauty of a meadow is wild and carefree. I thought the rough cut beads fit that idea perfectly . Keeping with an informal natural look, I finished  with torn gauze in bright  grassy  chartreuse green .
I can tie this piece tightly to make it into a choker or more loosely for a longer style .

An easy to wear necklace in cheerful brights .
Perfect to wear when the day is gloomy or
on a day I feel gloomy!
This week
creation your own cheer up creation
Bead Happy


  1. Love your necklace. Great flowers and wonderful colors together. Simply beautiful!!!

  2. Love that you included the rough-cut fluorite, and I can just feel the glow of the sun in your poppies! Your design, as always, is just bursting with creativity. Now that I'm thoroughly inspired, I'm off to dream up my own cheer-up creation.

  3. Of all the pieces in the challenge tour, it was your necklace caught my eye. It's a beautiful example of creative interpretation, well thought out design and craftsmanship. It prompts a happy smile and thoughts of spring.