Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Soup's Ready

First Course

Today is Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal #1
It is always so exciting  to see all  the amazing creations !!!
Participants have been posting their soup mixes on Pinterest for several weeks.
Each time I see a tasty mix, I can't help but imagine what I would make with those beads.
Today I can see what someone else dreamed up .
I 'll have a chance to see "out of the box" designs from artists I'm familiar with.
I'll also get to know some " new to me " bead people .
The internet bead community always offers a smorgasbord of design dishes.
Bead Soup is a Virtual Feast !!!
Pick from delicious eye candy , spicy color combos , inspiring appetizers  and much more ...
indulge yourself  ...beads are calorie free !
have some of each
this week visit the Bead  Soup blogs
Bead Happy,


PS ,
My reveal date is next  Saturday  4/6
here's what I'm working on............................
I'm A BIG Fan of  Bead Soup

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