Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finding the Fairies Again

Birthstone Fairy

I had a busy ,busy week at my " pay the bills" job.
We are waiting for baby #3 to join our work family any minute.
And we found out other co-worker is expecting in October.
4 new babies at my work place in only a years time!!!
Thank goodness I'm post menopausal...LOL!
We are scrambling to fill in work hours while the new mom's are out on leave.

Being so busy, I was unsure what beads I'd make this week..
then ... I had a request for an old design Birthstone Fairy
This was one if the first designs I ever sold
With so much Birth going on around me ,it seemed like a good choice for my weekly beads
I decided to add  the custom Fairy pendants to my shop again.

Sometimes we spend so much time learning new tecniques and conjuring up new designs,it's relaxing to work on the familiar.
I have always liked this little Fairy .She makes a special necklace and a sweet ornament.She's my tried and true gift for all Mom's and Grand-mom's.

Plus,time spent with fairies is always a bit magical .
I have a whole Pinterest board called "Fairy Finery ".
I think its good to take a vacation from the everyday world every now and then
this week
take a mini vacation
visit the world of Fairies
Bead Happy ,


  1. Love the Fairies! So pretty ones!!!!

  2. the fairies are wonderful. I am with you. Glad I am over that baby time. LOL

  3. These are so cute! and o boy ...something must be in the water at your place with all these babies :)