Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

How many times  do you envision a  new design , only to go "back to the drawing board"after you actually create it ?
Sometimes what seemed great in your head , doesn't look right in your hands.
A new technique just doesn't work like it should have.
Sometimes after all is completed ,you ask yourself "what was I thinking? "
 I like to believe that even when things don't work out as planned, I still learned something useful . We can learn from our mistakes ...right?
When we make jewelry or jewelery components,  we throw another monkey wrench into our experiments.
What is a monkey wrench anyway?
Jewelry isn't just to look at . Most people want to wear it.
Something that looks great has to pass a practical test as well.
If you have made a lot of jewelry, you may be fairly certain that your pieces will hold together.
But ,will they be reasonably easy to wear? If you create an out of the box design ,do you put it on to try it for comfort ?
You might love the look .But, how does the piece feel?

I've been making beads for some time now . I think I have learned which clays I prefer for  which purpose. I think I know how to cure my clay so the pieces with be strong. But , every now and then I come up with a new technique or idea. Last week I  had so much fun making faux slate board beads. A bit of paint lightly brushed on gave me just the chalk look I wanted . But, would it stay on? I used some matte sealer to give it more staying power without spoiling the look. Then off to my tried and true testing grounds. When I test a new bead idea I make it into a bracelet and wear it to work. Sometimes I'll admit my "bracelet " consists of a new bead tied to my arm with cord...LOL!
I work for a veterinary hospital . Wags and wiggles , hair and slobber are part of my day . We are the true "s_ _ t happens " workplace.
If a bead survives my work day ,surely it will withstand normal daily wear .

How do you balance pretty with practical ?
this week go back to the drawing board
be sure Wonderful is also Wearable
Bead Happy !


  1. Lots of great points, Mary Ellen! IMHO the practical is MORE important because as a seller you must be SURE of the wearability of your creations. One of the main reason I'm still experimenting and not setting up shop!

    Reading this comes on the heels of another discussion we had at JillysBeadPosseFB on taking a second look and giving some space to our experiments:

    Love your little "chalkboards" BTW.

  2. Those chalkboard beads are adorable, M.E.! Kudos!