Saturday, July 3, 2010

Savor Summer

Summer has Arrived !!!
The Fourth of July is the official Summer Fun Holiday !
We should take a moment to reflect on the freedoms the holiday represents .

But, take a moment to relish the freedoms of Summer as well !
School is out !!! Vacation time is here !!!
Time for tee shirts and flip flops!
Watermelon , homegrown tomatoes and corn on the cob!
Tall cold drinks , backyard barbecues ,naps in a hammock .
For my family, summer means the beach ! Sun ,surf ,seashells !
Since we're from Maryland, our summers mean hard crabs ,beer and a" trip down the ocean"

What does summer mean to you ?
Stop right now and make a list .
Be sure to add the joys of your childhood and all the simple little pleasures of the season.
I know most of us lead busy hustle bustle lives .
We have mile long " to do lists " that never seem to get done .
No matter .... it's SUMMER !
go post your "summer list" on top of your "to dos" !!!
Time to take a vacation from hurry scurry, if only a brief moment everyday .
Take off your shoes and run barefoot !
"take time to smell the roses "
Savor your Summer !!!
Bead Happy, m.e . :)
* my Granddaughter, Caroline, savoring her Summer at the beach :D


  1. When I finish my classes, I'll be slipping into sandals for a feel of freedom! I wear tennis shoes during the week while teaching--since I walk to and from work so I'm going to find my sandals and wear them.

  2. Cathryn ,
    sounds like you're planning to savor your summer right down to your toes!!! :) m.e.