Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The World Is Flat !

Early explorers believed the world was flat .
Turns out my world really is !!!

I wish I could sail off in a tall ship to see the world .
Instead, my family's adventures consist mostly of visiting places we can drive to.Unfortunately exploring the world by car can be a bit restrictive !

No matter, I can cross any ocean ,climb any mountian, travel wherever I wish !
I merely have to touch my magic key board.
Off I go to explore the world . On my journeys I see wonderful things and learn more than I ever imagined possible .
Like many explorers, I have a special quest .I don't seek gold or spices from the orient.I search for precious bead information and inspiration !!!I hunt for it far in the jungles of blogs ,high in the mountains of ETSY and deep in the valleys of Google . I leave no search word unturned in my quest for all things beadie.

My exploration has brought me vast riches . I have accumulated a wealth of techniques ,tools and new ideas . I have made friends wherever I have traveled . I have opened trade routes both for myself and to share with fellow travelers.Not a day goes by that I don't don my sweat suit ,pour a cup of coffee and venture off to explore the flat, flat world on my computer screen .
I always have a wonderful adventure exploring the far reaches of the world . I chart my progress with "bookmark " and "save to " !
I delight in the knowledge there are always new things to discover. Each day is an adventure of exploration .

Ancient maps of the flat world were marked with a warning
"beyond this place there be dragons"
These words of caution still hold true .
If you don't believe it, just come to my house when my internet is down !!!
Enjoy your own explorations this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :) photos by my daughter Annie :D


  1. My blog is ready to go too I just have to add my pictures and upload!

    The question is do you ever go back and check out your bookmarks.... ? I have hundreds I find it's easier to google than to find the bookmark!

  2. actually I do use my bookmarks
    everyday ! I have blogs,groups and sites I visit every morning.
    I also use them to find shops and resources I
    only need occasionally.But, I might forget about otherwise.
    I keep my bookmarks always visible on my
    "sidebar " It makes my husband crazy !
    He constancy asks "why do you need ALL these visible ? my answer "because I just DO!" LOL!!! m.e.:D

  3. Great post. I not only use my bookmarks, I even bookmark ITEMS I want to see again!

  4. I love your exploration post - I know the feeling....

  5. Wonderful post! I know exactly what you mean. It's a huge wonderful world out there, and we're all connected. Isn't it incredible?

  6. Great Post M.E.! I love how you take us with you on your explorations!

  7. Great post. It's such a small world, really.