Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smooth Moves

When I created my entry for the ABS July challenge, I knew I wanted to make something with movement. The inspiration piece is an Alexander Calder sculpture .
I wanted to include my own a tiny version of a mobile in the design.
I am pleased with the result . It passed the design criteria of a tough critic .
My daughter!!!
She "borrowed " it !!!
Sometimes she says "very nice ....but, I wouldn't wear it "
oh well .... LOL!!! But, this one she wore... in public !!!

I was happy to see that when she had it on, the focal did move as I had envisioned it .
If I were more computer savvy I'd like to post a"'video " .
But , I'm clueless how to accomplice that will have to do.

This week I have been pondering the movement of all jewelry creations .
It's one thing for a design to look lovely positioned flat in a photo . But ,jewelry is made to be worn . It's an adornment that needs to move with the body. A design can look unpractical .
But, I believe a successful design needs to be practical .
It should be comfortable and reasonably easy to wear.
It should look great no matter if we walk ,run ,twist or turn.
My personal design test is to wear my creations for a day.
I do get some strange looks accessorizing scrub uniforms and sweatsuits with elaborate necklaces . But , I MUST be sure a design functions !There are times the general public just doesn't get it . Swarkies go with sweats...right?
How do you test your designs for "wearability "?
I hope you will be creating some Smooth Moves this week !.
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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  1. That's beautiful! I love how you got it in suspension so I can imagine it moves and flows! I love the colors you used as well--so dark and mysterious but warm and invigorating.

    And definitely--Swarkies go with sweats, and grungies and jeans and silks...they are kind of versatile like pearls. I'm so with you on design wearability!