Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do You Wear Glasses ?

I suppose you could say I see the world through rose colored glasses.
Most shapes and colors make me think of flowers ! I love flowers !
I love to make flowers, both real and fantasy blossoms.
When I saw the Art Bead Scene inspiration piece for this month, the dancer's skirt made me think flowers ...of course !
"Chilperic" by Toulouse -Lautrec is full of wonderful shapes and colors
But, not everyone will see them the same way.
Every artist seems to wear their own pair of glasses
Some view the world as a series of graphic shapes. Some may see everything as splashes of colors . Others may wear glasses that magnify every little detail .While some may see a vague and interesting blend of things .

One of the things I love the most about the ABS challenge is that we all look at the same painting. But ,we all see it through our own glasses .
I look forward every month to the amazing variety of entries
After all , isn't that one of the wonders of art,
A chance to view the world through another's eyes .
Take a moment to put on your favorite glasses this week
Bead Happy , m.e . :)

my ABS entry
The Flower Dance


  1. Very pretty! You have captured the grace of her skirt in those flowers.

  2. Its perfect! what a beautiful interpretation of the painting.

  3. That necklace is perfect! I love how you captured the skirt in the painting with your flowers! It's a to-die-for-must-have!

    Yes, I wear glasses. The topic depends on which pair I put on. ;)

  4. Thank you all!!!
    I enjoyed using these flowers so much .
    I am thinking about adding this style to my shop !
    :D m.e.

  5. What a nice post! And congrats on designer of the week. Your bracelet is beautiful! All my best.

  6. Lovely and unique!! Very nice interpretation of the artwork. I see the flower in the dancer's skirt also.