Saturday, December 1, 2012

a life remembered....

This will not be my usual blog about beads and beading .
I am trying to heal a broken heart .
On December 17 a tragic single  car accident took the lives of 3 young people and  badly injured 2 others. One of those lost was my 21 year old co-worker Tyler . He was driving the car.
I had already prepared my blog post for Saturday the 24, so I decided to post it.
But since Tyler's  death , he has been in my thoughts every day.
All who knew him are devastated by his loss .
I suppose some reading his age as 21 might think..ah he was drinking.
But ,no he was not . But, he was speeding. The Mom in me has been feeling very angry with him for being so foolish .But as we have discussed at work ,which of us  has not behaved foolishly in our youth ?
This week we are all trying to come to grips with the fact that Tyler won't be coming back to work. It just does not seem real yet .
It is very difficult to believe his smiling face remains only in our memories.
Tyler managed our boarding kennel . He was exceptional with our clients and a joy to work with .  But, most of all he truly loved the animals.He cared for each as though it was his own.
And the animals loved him back .They came to board purring,woofing and wagging ,because they loved being with him .It is possible to fool people,but not animals. They knew what kind and honest  person Tyler was.
In January Lori Anderson  is hosting a "Memories and Thanks " blog hop .
I had already signed up with no idea of who my design would honor . Now I know it will be Tyler ,
One client wrote in a memorial
 " Tyler is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting to bring your dog to you "
That might be my inspiration . I am so very grateful to have known Tyler and been blessed by his ever present smile.

part of healing is moving forward ...
and so I shall....
On December 4 ABS is hosting an ornament blog hop 
You'll see some awesome  designs using art beads .
this is my 2011 ornament

here's a sneak peek at  what I'm working on this year

 come back here on Tues Dec. 4 to see the ABS blog hop reveals
 get some Ornament inspiration 
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  1. I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your young friend. It reminds me that we just never know how much time we have with those we pass every day, those who come into our lives and leave an impression. I have a pendant in my shop that says it all... live for the moment, love for eternity. My thoughts are with you. Erin