Friday, June 5, 2009

What bugs me...

I never seem to have enough time !!!
Good news is, I am very busy with orders for Custom Wedding Cake toppers !
Bad news is , I am sadly neglecting my blog :(

It really BUGS me when I find a great blog ..
return hoping to read more interesting "stuff "
only to find that the blog is rarely , if ever updated !!!

I promised myself when I started I would post daily...
well ....
maybe every other day...
how 'bout trying for 3 times a week...

alas I have become my own Blog Bugger !!!
I'm not finding the time post here !
Perhaps no one reads my blog anyway.
But, I have my personal goals to reach!

I here by swear, I WILL post something new here EVERY Friday !

I WILL achieved the goals I set for myself.
(even if it means lowering the bar )
if you're out there,
have a Wonderful Weekend
I 'll be back next Friday !
really ....
I will ........ :D m.e.

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