Sunday, May 31, 2009

Details ,details.....

I'm trying to learn to take better photos for my ETSY store listings. I suppose the word "better " implies I am trying to improve photo quality. That might be a bit fact I'm trying to learn to take a picture that has a recognizable subject matter!
Fortunately my daughter 's hobby is macro photography . Unfortunately she does very little in door photography !My cyber friends have kindly offered some very helpful sugestions . There is also a surprising amount of help to be found all over the inter-net.
I 'm trying to find the proper balance between showing the product and making a pretty picture . It's tempting to get carried away with the artistic composition . That's the fun part for me! But too much "fun "in the photo and the product doesn't stand out . My photos ,like my life, have to maintain a practical side. But, not too practical !!! I need a bit of art and laughter in my pictures and in my life ! But, in all things ,we need both the serious and not so serious elements.

How do we find the proper proportions of ,
productive and playful ...serious and silly... facts and fantasy ?
In my quest for the right balance ....
for today ,
I 'm just going to concentrate on the details and hope the rest just happens on it's own !
:) m.e.

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  1. Hi M.E., I'm having the same problem lately. I'm made some nice new canes but cannot get a clear picture of them to post. Even on the macro setting on my camera I get fuzzy pictures. But, like you, I'm learning. We'll get it right - eventually! I love the work that you are doing with polymer clay... cool!