Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Voilets are Blue

Violets are blue? Are you sure ? This one looks more purple on my monitor !
Would you say its a shade of amethyst ... or lavender,lilac ,mulberry,periwinkle ,plum ?
Color blending is my favorite part of playing with clay . I never use a "recipe '' I just add a bit of this ..a bit of that til I get what I like or I get what I need.
Then comes the puzzle of putting the colors together . What matches....what contrasts ?
When is a match too boring and predictable ? When is a contrast too jarring and abrasive? Sometimes it's best if shades just slowly combine without any distinct line between them.
Other times the colors might stand side by side creating a nice balance and harmony.

The rhyme says violets are blue.But, it may not be that simple. We should stop and take a better look. We have so many choices.
What are the colors of life?
How can we best mix ,match and contrast them ?
:) m.e.

ps :the photo was taken by my daughter Annie...we are busy choosing some of her work for a new line of gift cards

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